CLOSE ENOUGH (2018 Silvia Schill, Country, Beginner-Intermediate 32 Counts)

DOWN RIVER ROAD (2018 Russel Breslauer, Country, Beginner 28 Counts 1-Wall,
ohne Brücken oder Restarts)

EMPTY SPACE (2017 Steven Stuart, Country, Beginner-Intermediate, 32 Counts,
keine Brücken o. Restarts)

ENDS OF THE EARTH (2018 Gudrun Schneider&Roy Hoeben, Country, Intermediate, 32 Counts)

NOT YOUR ONE NIGHT STAND (2018 Tonnie Vos, Country, Intermediate, 64 Counts,
keine Brücken o Restarts)

UNDERNEATH THESE STARS (2018 Jef Camps&Heather Barton, Country,
Beginner Intermediate 32 Counts)

EX's & OH's (2018 Ema Ambunsun, Country-Rock-Soul-Mix, phrasiert)